We're not a Digital media company.


We're not a faceless enterprise or a monolithic conglomerate. We're a collection of enthusiasts, utilizing our skill and enthusiasm to support the communities and crafts we care about most. In the overwhelming noise of the information age, we aim to be the bastion of insight and beauty that is hidden in the minutiae.

We created Minutiae because everyone has a passion, and we believe that those passions are a part of what make us human. We'll let the big guys shovel the generic junk — coated with a thick veneer of tasteless advertising — that a majority of participants in their consumer satisfaction surveys find passable. In the meantime, we'll be focused on the things that people care about; the content that stays on people's minds, inspires, and excites; the sort of stuff that teaches us as much about ourselves as it does the amazing worlds around us.

We don't want our sites to be the ones you skim, we want them to be the ones you dive into. We don't want to 'innovate' by improving our click-through rate another 7%, we want to innovate by making whole new communities possible. And we don't want to churn out dumb-downed content to make you feel smart, we want to show you how much there really is out there, ready to learn and discover, if you know where to find it.

Maybe we're crazy to want this. But we think everyone else is crazy not to.